U GRO Capital limited, (formerly known as Chokhani securities) is a BSE listed NBFC established in 1993.

The branding system was designed with overtones of orange, to symbolise horizon and energy and foster recognition. A formal tone underlined the corporate communication and collaterals.

The robust and structured website was a vehicle for the brand’s aspiration. As its powerful look reflected the on-point approach and companies value of being REAL, EXPERT, CURIOUS and YOUNG, its imagery of dynamic clouds conveyed the brand story, of going higher with intelligence.

The visual vocabulary was extended to playful expression of the word GRO borrowed from the identity which became a part of the brand language. The focus corners were used as a brand symbol, creating a language unique to U GRO CAPITAL and subtly reinforcing the brand.


Finance Company


U Gro

What We Did

Brand Identity, Office Branding, Event Design, Marketing Collaterals, Corporate PPT, and App and Website Design Look.